World-renowned Clinics Treating Ataxia

There are many clinics and centres around the world specializing in the treatment and research of Spinocerebellar Ataxia. At this time there is no known cure for this illness, there are however, specialists who are devoted to helping sufferers ease their symptoms, and make their life bearable again. There are many treatments including physiotherapy, speech therapy, and some hospitals have genetic counsellors, all of whom are experts in this field. Below are just some of the world renowned hospitals that deal with this condition.


Porto Alegre Hospital Clinic

This hospital is a major university hospital in South America, and a specialist centre for transplants and genetic research.


National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS)

This hospital is in Bangalore and is accredited by the Indian government as an 'institute of national importance.' It is regarded as a top institute for mental health sciences and neurosciences.


Hokkaido University School of Medicine

For neurological disorders contact Professor Hidenao Sasaki at this hospital.

Shinshu University School of Medicine

Another Japanese hospital University specializing in research methods for Ataxia.

Tohuku University School of Medicine

There are several professors worth contacting in this hospital as they have a very wide range of experience. In the neurology department contact Professor Aoki Masashi, Associate Professor Takeda Atsushi or Assistant Professor Warita Hitoshi.


Akershus University Hospital

One of this hospital's many specialities is neurology and the hospital claims to be one of the best in Europe when it comes to research. It is a teaching hospital and one of four university hospitals affiliated with the University of Oslo. This hospital is located in Lorenskog, just east of Oslo.


Miguel Servet University Hospital

You can contact this hospital at, Paseo Isabel la Catolica, 1-3, Zaragoza, Aragon, 50009, Spain

Telephone: (976) 76 55 00

United Kingdom

John Radcliffe Centre, Oxford

This is one of the most recognised centres for research in neuroscience in the world. They have gained a first class reputation for the relevance and quality of their research.

Manchester Neurotherapy Physio Centre

Another hospital of international acclaim when it comes to rehabilitation standards in neurological rehabilitation. The therapists here use the Bobath Concept when treating patients with Ataxia, concentrating predominantly on movement.

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London

This hospital is the UK's largest dedicated neuro hospital. They provide comprehensive treatment and care for every possible condition or illness that affects the brain. Widely regarded as the fourth top university hospital in the world and it is also highly regarded as one of the main institutes for training and research. This establishment can be located in Queens Square, London.